Introducing the new BP series hand-portables from Hytera

Hytera have launched two new entry-tier hand-portables to bolster their impressive range of communication devices.

The BP Series of hand-portables are rugged DMR devices, designed for users who need lightweight communication tools with a host of smart features at an entry-level price point. They are complimented by the AP Series, a range of analogue-only hand-portables which are both rugged and reliable, designed for users who need simple and effective push-to-talk communication.

BP Series comes in two forms: the non-display BP515 and display/keypad BP565. Both models are as standard certified to IP54 standards, can deliver 10 hours of battery life after just one hour of charge, and can be charged easily on the go thanks to its USB-C port – even using a portable power bank.

There are two factory upgrade options for BP series models: IP67 (upgraded from IP54) and IP67 with Bluetooth. A significant advancement from equivalent existing models including Hytera PD405 and PD485, BP5 series hand-portables are built to last into the future.

To learn more about the BP series, click here.

Hytera BP Series Hand Portables

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