Single Wire Earpiece with Acoustic Tube and Inline PTT

For semi covert use in the hotel, restaurant or serving pub environment. Very popular for use in the leisure and hospitality industry where staff need a lightweight discreet accessory.

The small microphone which has the transmit button, is lightweight and may be clipped to shirt or lapel for convenient operation. The ear-tube has a soft latex eartip easily changed or replaced and in use provides privacy from overhearing by other persons in the vicinity.

  • Surgical grade acoustic tube; discreet and comfortable
  • Quick-fasten secure structure
  • Environmental PU cable reinforced with Kevlar
  • Optional ear mold allows ambient sounds
  • Discreet communication in sensitive environments
  • Suitable for many applications including; security personnel, hotel & catering staff, etc
  • 12 month warranty

Technical Specification


  • Dimensions: 19.0mm * 10.6mm
  • Impedance: 73 ± 200hm @ 1000hm
  • Rated Input Power 1mW
  • Rated Output Power 300mW
  • Sound Pressure Level: 117 ± 3db @1000Hz


  • Type: Electric Microphone
  • Impedance: 2.2 kOhm
  • Sensitivity: -40 ± 3db @1000Hz (0db = 1V/PA)
  • Operating Voltage: 1.0-10VDC


  • Dimensions: 34.9 * 14.2 * 11.8mM

Additional information



Device Type

Single Wire Earpiece

Select Radio Model

CP040, DP1400 (M1), DP3400/3600, DP4400/4600 (M7), XT420/460 (M1A), DP2400e/2611e (M12R), EVX-261/S24, VX-261 (Y2)


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