39th G8 Summit – Lough Erne Resort, Fermanagh 2013

Posted on: November 4th, 2013 by Nicky


Airphone Digital Radio Communications

The players at G8 Fermanagh included Airphone Communications who were invited to design and install a totally reliable Secure Digital radio communications system. It delivered guaranteed coverage for 450 private staff protecting VIPs within the conference site and in transit along the secure corridor from Enniskillen to within the resort itself.

The system comprised multi base stations configured to ensure spotless coverage throughout the entire area bounded by the 17 kilometre security perimeter. It also delivered various levels of priority calling and wide area emergency signalling, with options for GPS location and text information feeds.

Airphone received commendation from security Director Adriaan Brynard who said “Airphone have earned our highest respect for providing us with a system which has been simply flawless for coverage and clarity…and which has allowed us to provide our services with the utmost confidence.”


Violent van hijack foiled by Quartix Vehicle Tracking

Posted on: March 14th, 2013 by Nicky

The award winning Quartix vehicle tracking system strikes again!

A violent attempt by thieves to try and hijack the van of a security company was foiled by Quartix Vehicle Tracking. The driver, Roger Hirsch, was stuck in slow traffic in Hoe Street in Walthamstow, when there was a sudden bump from behind him. Hirsch leapt from his cab and was shoved to the ground by a thief. At the same time, an accomplice jumped in the van and drove off. Shocked but not hurt, Hirsch quickly got on the phone to his boss at Delta Security and urged him to check the firm’s vehicle tracking system.

“I ran to my laptop, logged on to our Quartix system and entered the registration number of Roger’s van,” says the operations manager of the London firm, Dave Mundy. “A few seconds later I could see a map with the van clearly marked and showing it was travelling along the North Circular from Walthamstow towards Edmonton. I dialled 999 on the landline and asked for police.”

Mundy explained what was happening to the police and told them that he was tracking the stolen van online and could tell them precisely where it was. He was then able to inform them when the van exited North Circular and entered Tottenham’s High Road and even the exact time when it turned into a yard. “The Quartix system showed to be stationary with the ignition off,” Mundy continues. “The time was 9:59 pm. At 10:01 the first police car arrived on the scene.”

For more information on the many benefits of Quartix vehicle and fleet tracking, or for a free brochure contact us today.

Airphone are pleased to now offer TaxiCaller Data!

Posted on: January 17th, 2013 by Nicky


TaxiCaller’s Data System is an extremely advanced but low cost GPRS taxi booking and dispatch system for which we hold Exclusive Distribution in Ireland, providing a fully set-up system complete with training and advice.

Taxicaller provides reports for driver and customer activity, Text and Ring back together with storage of all driver information relative to the new licensing requirements.

For more fast facts about TaxiCaller simply click the yellow cab.  Better yet, call us today for a free demonstration on your Smartphone.

Titanic Museum

Posted on: November 23rd, 2012 by Nicky

Titanic Museum chooses Airphone CommunicationsAirphone Communications was recognized in the July 2012 issue of Land Mobile magazine.

The article discusses our collaboration with Airsys Communications after our Managing Director, Mike Foster was selected from many bidders to provide an order for the Titanic Museum.

Titanic Museum Belfast chooses Vertex Standard VX-451

The PMR reseller community has been quick to promote the Vertex Standard brand, particularly in the well developed UK market. With Airsys providing fantastic pre and post sale engineering support, a customer service level second to none and sales and marketing support to dealers in order to open up new markets, dealers have been quick to adopt and keen to push the brand to existing and potential new customers alike. Mike Foster, Owner and MD at Airphone Communications, Northern Ireland, has been a leading exponent and top tier Vertex Standard reseller for over a decade, and continues to win with Vertex Standard product. Upon securing the Titanic Museum, Mike said: “From the moment the management at the Titanic Museum began consulting with Airphone about the best system for the new attraction, myself and the Technical Team at Airphone had no doubt about the best fit for their needs. We were actually able to provide them with functionality that they didn’t realise they needed by utilising the fast signalling and dual watch facility for automatic fire or emergency alarms to all users. Repeaters are deployed to ensure coverage throughout the site, and we have had nothing but extremely positive feedback from them since the system went live earlier in the year with a brand new fleet of eighty VX-451 portables and four VX-9000 repeaters. Impressed by the added security offered, the customer, and all the team here at Airphone, have been thrilled with the performance of the handsets, and we can’t wait for our next opportunity to work with the equipment which, particularly in a system format, is both impressive and cost effective.”

Jenny McCarter, a frequent user of the portables on-site, added: “I use the radios all day, every day, to stay in touch with management and other groups on-site, and I was really relieved when I saw the size and felt the weight of the Vertex Standard unit. The clarity of speech is brilliant and I am delighted with the simple operation of the system and the support we have received from Airphone – it is comforting to know that we have such a comprehensive Lone Worker and emergency alarm call system in place”.


For more information see our Vertex range or contact us on 02890 662266.

Northern Ireland Everest Expedition

Posted on: September 5th, 2012 by Nicky

I thought I would share some Airphone history.  Below is an excerpt of an article following the Northern Ireland Everest Expedition in 2003.  Airphone owner and Managing Director, Mike Foster worked closely with Team Leader, Richard Dougan to ensure that the team could communicate clearly at all times with people on and off the mountain.

“With very few climbers on the mountain and with favorable weather conditions forecast, the team are hopeful that their summit attempt will not be hampered by other mountaineers at the last rockface before the summit, the Second Step (8600m).  Both Banjo and Jamie report feeling very strong, essential for a successful assault of the world’s highest peak.  Communications with the team are working well – the Airphone Communications GPS and walkie talkie systems allow the team to keep in contact both with each other and the outside world.”

To read the complete article click the link below.


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