39th G8 Summit – Lough Erne Resort, Fermanagh 2013

Posted on: November 4th, 2013 by Nicky


Airphone Digital Radio Communications

The players at G8 Fermanagh included Airphone Communications who were invited to design and install a totally reliable Secure Digital radio communications system. It delivered guaranteed coverage for 450 private staff protecting VIPs within the conference site and in transit along the secure corridor from Enniskillen to within the resort itself.

The system comprised multi base stations configured to ensure spotless coverage throughout the entire area bounded by the 17 kilometre security perimeter. It also delivered various levels of priority calling and wide area emergency signalling, with options for GPS location and text information feeds.

Airphone received commendation from security Director Adriaan Brynard who said “Airphone have earned our highest respect for providing us with a system which has been simply flawless for coverage and clarity…and which has allowed us to provide our services with the utmost confidence.”


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